Talk by Jeppe Joel Larsen at Centre for Ice and Climate – Københavns Universitet

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Talk by Jeppe Joel Larsen at Centre for Ice and Climate

Lateglacial and early Holocene tephrostratigraphy in Denmark: leads, lags and a tephra horizon?

Cryptotephra studies from Denmark have, so far, largely been absent. Here are presented two studies of Lateglacial and early Holocene environmental changes and tephrostratigraphy from the Østerskov and Hallegård kettle-hole basins, on mid-Sjælland and the island of Bornholm, respectively. Correlation of the sedimentary successions, based on the Younger Dryas Vedde Ash (12, 171±114 b2k; Mortensen et al., 2005) and the Preboreal Hässeldalen Tephra (11,330±30 cal yr BP; Lind and Wastegård, 2011) to other north-European sites, reveals asynchronous changes of a mid-Younger Dryas climatically induced shift, as well as the timing of the incipient cooling of the short Preboreal Oscillation. Finally, two Allerød-aged Laacher See Tephra-like horizons, observed in the Hallegård basin, tease the existence of a mid-Allerød Laacher See Tephra precursor.