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Calendar 2015

Master thesis defence by Johanne Aagaard

22. januar 2015 kl. 11.15

Measurements of total air content in glacier ice

Læs mere

Talk by Kelvin Richards

23. januar 2015 kl. 13.00

Stirring and mixing of interacting populations Læs mere

Talk by David Munday

25. februar 2015 kl. 15.00

Southern Ocean Circulation & Global Climate: The Role of Mesoscale Eddies Læs mere

Talk by Martin Sikora

27. februar 2015 kl. 13.00

Paleogenomics in time and space: Reconstructing 40,000 years of Eurasian population history from ancient DNA Læs mere

Midterm Colloquium by Pia Nielsen-Englyst

19. marts 2015 kl. 10.00

Impact of albedo parameterizations on surface mass balance and runoff on the Greenland Ice Sheet Læs mere

Talk by Prof. Eric Steig, Earth & Space Sci.

20. marts 2015 kl. 13.00

Influence of the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet on Antarctic climate and ice core records, and possible evidence for collapse during the last interglacial period. Læs mere

Talk by Prof. Jason Box

27. marts 2015 kl. 13.00

A century-plus of monthly Greenland ice surface mass balance components Læs mere

Talk by Nerilie Abram

08. april 2015 kl. 11.00

Climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula over the last millennium Læs mere

Talk by Dr. Tessa Vance - NOW on 9/4 15

09. april 2015 kl. 10.15

Reconstructing Pacific decadal variability from the Law Dome ice core Læs mere

Master thesis defence by Sandra S. Duchnik

14. april 2015 kl. 13.00

Geometry of the ridges on Jupiter's moon Europa Læs mere

Talk by Markus Jochum

24. april 2015 kl. 13.00

The connection between Southern Ocean winds, Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Indo-Pacific upwelling Læs mere

Talk by Prof. Jan Mangerud, University of Bergen

28. april 2015 kl. 14.00

Collapse of the marine-based Hardangerfjorden and Sognefjorden outlet glaciers from the Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the Early Holocene

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PhD defence by Alexandra Messerli

06. maj 2015 kl. 14.00

Surface velocities and hydrology at Engabreen: observations from feature tracking and hydro-meteorological measurements Læs mere

Talk by G. Iaffaldano

26. juni 2015 kl. 13.00

Monsoon speeds up Indian tectonic plate motion Læs mere

Talk by David Camp

03. juli 2015 kl. 13.00

Empirical Validation of Conceptual Climate Models Læs mere

Master thesis defence by Nicholas Rathmann

25. august 2015 kl. 11.15

A helical shell model of turbulence Læs mere

Master´s thesis defense by Pia Nielsen-Englyst

16. september 2015 kl. 14:00

Impact of Albedo Parameterizations on Surface Mass Balance Runoff on the Greenland Ice Sheet Læs mere

PhD defence: Christian Panton

21. oktober 2015 kl. 13:00

Christian Panton defends his PhD thesis with the title Tracing Internal Radar Layers in the Greenland Ice Sheet Læs mere

Talk by Andreas Born, University of Bern

09. november 2015 kl. 13.00

Isochronal ice sheet model: A new approach to englacial tracer
transport Læs mere

Talk by Andreas Born, University of Bern

10. november 2015 kl. 11.00

Multiple equilibria as a possible mechanism for decadal variability in the North Atlantic Ocean Læs mere

Talks by Sarah Berben, Margit Simon and Liz Bagshaw

13. november 2015 kl. 10.30

Sarah and Margit will give a talk about the ice2ice cruise this summer. Liz will talk about the CryoEgg project. Læs mere

Master's thesis defence by Isabell Lubanski

26. november 2015 kl. 15:30

d180 of O2 in RICE ice core Læs mere