Annual Greenland Ice Sheet seminar 2017 – Københavns Universitet

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Annual Greenland Ice Sheet seminar 2017

The annual seminar is an informal network meeting between research groups in Denmark working on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Each group presents current work and ongoing activities in order to stimulate discussions and collaborations. The last session is dedicated to field work plans for 2017 and continued discussions.


9:00 Welcome by Christine Hvidberg (CIC/NBI)

9:05 DMI:
Peter Langen, Jacob Høyer, Fredrik Boberg, Ruth Mottram, Shuting Yang, Martin Stendel, Marianne Sloth Madsen: Greenland ice sheet Surface Mass Balance and Arctic Climate at DMI

9:35 DTU-Space (geodynamics):
Sebastian Simonsen: GrIS research activities at DTU-Space, Geodynamics Department.

10:00 Coffee and cake

10:30 Center for Ice and Climate, NBI:
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen: Why ice deformation matters
Paul Vallelonga: A new portable ice core analysis melter

11.00 DTU-Space (geodesy):
Carsten Ludwigsen: How current GrIS melt will change future sea level Ioana Muresan: Modelling the flow of Jakobshavn Isbræ and the NE Greenland ice-stream Ioana Muresan: Field activities 2017

11.30 National History Museum:
Kurt H. Kjær: Some Impacts of SNM and GeoScience Århus research in Greenland

12:00 Lunch in Biocenter canteen

13:00 GEUS:
Jason Box: Research activities at GEUS

13.30 Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering:
Joanna Levinsen: Height models for Narsaq, Disko, Zackenberg and Tasiilaq

13:40 Field work activities 2017
J.P. Steffensen (CIC/NBI): EGRIP field plans 2017
Christine Hvidberg and Aslak Grinsted (CIC/NBI): GPS and drone at EGRIP 2017
Louise S. Sørensen (DTU): Field plans 2017 at DTU-Space, Geodynamics Department
Robert Fausto (GEUS): PROMICE station visits
Jason Box (GEUS): WindSled Traverse… Dye-2 to Summit, down NEGIS divide to EGRIP

14.50 Discussion
Next annual seminar. Network activities.

15.00 Closing