Talk by Ellen Corrick & Russell Drysdale – Københavns Universitet

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Talk by Ellen Corrick & Russell Drysdale

Russell Drysdale (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Title: The speleothem record of the Younger Dryas termination

Millennial climate changes were a relatively persistent feature of the last glacial period, and culminated with the Younger Dryas termination (YDt) at the last glacial-interglacial transition. An important question regarding millennial events is their phasing across the globe. Speleothems, with their ability to be dated with high precision using U-Th methods, provide a means by which to test the synchronicity of climate changes across the YDt. This presentation will explore speleothem records from sites spanning Europe, North and South America, and the Asian/Indo-Australian Monsoon domain. Whilst few records are sufficiently well dated to provide meaningful comparisons, high-quality published data from Hulu and Kulishi Caves (China) are compared with new high-resolution data from Liang Luar Cave (Flores, eastern Indonesia) and Forbes Inferno Cave (Riversleigh, northern Australia) to shed light on the synchronicity of this event from Greenland to the extensive monsoon domain that straddles the equatorial Indo-Pacific.