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North-South Climate Connections

Which processes in the ocean and in the atmosphere couple the climate of the north and the south hemispheres? - Which climate changes are due to natural climate variabilities? And which are caused by anthropogenic influences on climate? A few out of a long array of questions to which North-South Climate Connection seeks to find an answer.

Centre for Ice and Climate participates in two important international scientific projects, ABN – Aurora Basin North and RICE – Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution.

The projects are part of the IPICS’ plan from 2004 in which it was decided to obtain a network of ice core data appropriate for input to detailed climate and climate forcing reconstructions, at the highest possible resolution (and extending where possible to 2000 years.

2000 years (2k) is a critical time frame that includes the industrial era as well as a significant length of time prior to the advent of anthropogenic influences on climate.

Centre for Ice and Climate contributions to the projects are:
-  Producing and comparing climate data from a large number of shallow ice cores
-  Delivering new drill equipment and drill fluid that meet the technical challenges associated with successful recovery of good-quality ice cores in a variety of glaciological settings.

Aurora Basin North and Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution
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