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16. maj 2012

NEEM field season 2012 - contact

One of the main goals of NEEM in 2012 is to pack down the camp so that all structures can be moved to a new drill site in the future.

Contact to office in Kangerlussuaq Tel. +299 84 11 51
Mobil +299 52 41 25
E-mail neem-fom
Contact to NEEM camp Tel. +8816 414 39863 (Fieldleader)
Tel. +8816 414 52559 (Workshop)


The NEEM camp – North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling project – is planned to open for the season 2012 on May 15.

Though bedrock was reached on July 27, 2010 at the depth 2537.36 m, there are lots of on-going and new projects on the to-do-list for the season 2012.

Project for NEEM season 2012
First half of the season focus will be on the scientific work like logging of the deep hole, experiments with basal ice drilling, test of a new version of drilling fluid but also experiments with constructing drill and science trenches using an inflatable tank and snow.

All during the season on-going and associated projects will take place in and from the camp and like the NEEM season 2011 the camp will be a platform for associated projects like the PARCA AWS stations, a seismic station, the AWI airborne radar, the strain net and radar survey, just to mention some of the many exciting scientific projects waiting to be carried out.

Last season the Dome was put on ski. By the end of this season all camp will be dismantled and ready for - sometime in the future - to be transported to the next drill site on the Greenlandic icecap.

Stay updated on the NEEM projects and activities
The remote camp high up in the North-Western part of Greenland (position 77.45°N 51.06°W) will stay open until mid August 2012. During the season around 70 participants from the 14 nations involved in the project will live and work up there – some for a couple of weeks others for more months.

READ the DAILY - follow the scientific work and life in camp on the NEEM homepage where the NEEM daily will be updated ... on an almost daily basis. Here you will also find the Daily from the previous years, since the start of the project in 2007.

Research - visit the Research page on the Centre for Ice and Climate homepage for more information on scientific results that, among others, are based on the findings at the NEEM ice core drilling project.

By Lone Holm Hansen